General Information

  • General Information in Chinese (東華周遭交通、食宿中文訊息)

  • Conference Room Information

The building is “College of Environmental Studies" (No. 18 on campus map) and the room numbers for conference hall are (A114/B119, 2 doors.)

Please refer to the link below for detail NDHU map information.

  • Symposium Venue

The workshop will be held at the National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) in Hualien, Taiwan, R.O.C. This three-day symposium will take place in the auditorium of the College of Environmental Studies at NDHU campus. During the symposium, we will have coffee break with snacks in the morning and afternoon. On the evening of November 16, the organizing committee will host a gala reception for symposium participants.

  •  About National Dong Hwa University

National Dong Hwa University is located at eastern Taiwan in Hualien, and is about 200 km south of Taipei. NDHU is established in 1994. With more than 10,000 students and eight colleges, NDHU is one of the leading institutions in higher education in Taiwan. Please browse for more information about NDHU.

  •  Weather in Taiwan

In November, symposium participants can expect very pleasant weather in Taiwan. The weather is cool and dry with temperature range from 25°C during the day time to 16°C in the evening. For the post-symposium excursion, please wear long-sleeve shirt, field boots and bring an outdoor raincoat for the unpredictable montane weather. Please browse for more general information about Taiwan.

  •  Symposium accommodation

We have reserved rooms (single, double and triple occupancy) from Nov. 14 to Nov. 18 for participants in the Dong Hwa guesthouse, which is located on campus. Room fares are as below: NT$1200 per day for single occupancy; NT$1200-1600 per day for double occupancy; NT$2000 per day for triple occupancy. For those who like to stay off-campus, quite a few options are available near NDHU campus: ( For post-symposium excursion, participants will stay at the guesthouse (double occupancy, NT$600 per person) of Fushan experimental forest on Nov. 18. If you need help concerning accommodation during the conference, please contact Yu-Yun Chen. We expect Taiwanese participants to take care of their accommodation by themselves.


  1. 東華會館
  2. 村上春宿
  3. 東華八號
  4. 竹緹小舍
  5. 後山歲月
  6. Banana Garden
  •  Dining at NDHU

Participant may have meals in restaurants and cafeteria on campus or dining off campus. Please visit for off-campus dining options. During the workshop, we will order lunch box for participant. Please order your lunch box at registration desk every morning when you sign in.

  •  Travel information

Travel to Taipei main station

You can book your flights to Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), which is located about 30 km south of Taipei City, or to Taipei Songshan airport (TSA), which is located in Taipei City. If you arrive at the Taoyuan international airport, there are several options to travel from the airport to Taipei main station. We list major options below. For more information, please check the following website: for Japanese; for English.

1) High speed rail (HSR, 高鐵). Take a shuttle bus from the airport to the HSR Taoyuan station by following the sign “Shuttle bus HSR station” after you retrieve your luggage. The fare for HSR shuttle is NT$30 per person and tickets are available at the bus terminal in the airport. After you arrive at the HSR station, please purchase your ticket to Taipei main station at the ticket counter or vending machine (HSR schedule: for English; for Japanese). The fare for non-reserved seat is NT$165, and for reserved seat is NT$175. The travel time is less than 20 minutes. Once you are at the HSR Taipei station, please follow the sign to Taipei railway station.

2) Regular bus service. At the same bus terminal, you can buy bus ticket to Taipei main station. The fare is NT$125. There are several companies provide the service, you can choose the one that has the most convenient schedule. The travel time takes from 55 minutes to 1.5 hours, depends on traffic.

3) Taxi to Taipei main station. Follow the sign to Taxi stand, which is outside the airport at 1st floor. You can get a taxi from there and the fare to Taipei main station is around NT$1200. Please note that the taxi drivers who approach and talk to you in Japanese or English just after the custom don’t have the legal license to pick up passengers from the airport (they will take you to the parking area at the base floor).

If you arrive at the Taipei Songshan airport, please take the MRT to Taipei main station. You need to take the brown line heading to Taipei Zoo and make a transfer to the blue line at the Zhongxiao Fuxing (忠孝復興) station to the direction of Taipei main station (台北車站).

Upon arrival at the Taipei main station, please approach ticket counter of Taiwan Railways (臺鐵) to purchase or retrieve your train ticket. You need to present your passport and reservation number to receive your ticket. Please leave at least 30 minutes for such procedure in case of a long queue.

Travel to Hualien and NDHU

At the Taipei main station, you can take a train to Hualien (花蓮). The train ride is about 2 hours for fast express service (Puyuma 普悠瑪 and Taroko 太魯閣) and 3 hours for limited express service (Tze-Chiang 自強號). You can buy your ticket at the ticket counter or reserve and pay for your ticket online ( We strongly encourage you to book your ticket online in advance, because the ticket to Hualien is in high demand. Online ticketing is open 14 days prior to departure. Please inform us your arrival time as soon as you book the ticket. We will arrange two pick up service from Hualien train station. The first pick-up service will be 5:00pm and the second service will be 9:00pm. When arranging your flight and train schedule, please pay special attention to the time of our pick-up services.

If you plan to travel to NDHU by yourself, the easiest way is by train, then take taxi from Hualien train station to NDHU. Please contact Yu Yun Chen or I Fang Sun if you have any question regarding coming to NDHU.

For the excursion, we will reserve train ticket for the participants from Hualien to I-Lan and arrange shuttles to the Fushan Experimental Forest. On the return trip of Nov 19, the return shuttle will stop at the I-Lan train station. You can take either the train or bus back to Taipei.

  •  Expenses and currency

       New Taiwan Dollar (NT) is used in Taiwan. Currency exchange facilities are available in most banks, hotels and the airports, which operate during normal business hours. Credit cards are accepted at most restaurant and shops in Taiwan. However, the guesthouse on campus accepts cash payment only. We recommend you to exchange some of your currency to NT dollars in the airport upon arrival.

  •  Excursion destinations

Fushan experimental forest

Fushan experimental forest is one of the six research centers under the management of Taiwan Forest Research Institute. Fushan is located at northern Taiwan, at the elevations between 700 m to 1500 m. With annual rainfall over 4,000 mm, Fushan is covered with lush green vegetation which is classified as evergreen broad-leaves forest. A 25 ha Forest Dynamics Plots followed the CTFS protocol was established in 2004. A total of 110 species and more than 110,000 individuals were recorded in Fushan FDP. We will visit the Fushan botanical garden and/or Fushan FDP in this trip. Please visit for more information about Fushan and TFRI.