Poster Announcement

  • Outstanding poster awards: 

Scale dependence of dominant processes in determining the bacterial metacommunity structure in the East China Sea

Yi-Chun Yeh* (葉怡君) (Natl Taiwan Univ), Chih-hao Hsieh (Natl Taiwan Univ)

Investigating coupled marine-terrestrial ecosystem and long term variability using tree ring δ18O

- Shin-Hao Chen* (陳信豪) (Natl Cheng Kung Univ), Masaki Sano(Res Inst Humanity Nature), I-Ching Chen (Natl Cheng Kung Univ)

Evolutionary study of a 6-year periodical mass flowering plant

Satoshi Kakishima* (柿嶋聡) (Shizuoka Univ), Yi-Shuo Liang (Natl Taiwan Normal Univ), T. Y. Aleck Yang (Natl Museum Nat Sci), Jin Yoshimura (Shizuoka Univ), Jin Murata (Univ Tokyo)

How may climate warming affect a native Pieris butterfly, an invasive Pieris butterfly, and the pollination of their nectar plants across altitude?

Shu-Hui Yu* (余淑惠), You-Hsuan Wu, En-Cheng Yang, Hsi-Mei Lai , Chuan-Kai Ho (Natl Taiwan Univ)

 A new dissimilar interaction overlap measure to identify uniqueness of species in ecological networks

Shu-mei Lai* (賴淑美) (Natl Yang Ming Univ), Wei-chung Liu (Academia Sinica), Ferenc Jordán (Microsoft Research-COSBI)

  • Announcement: poster competition of the 4th Taiwan-Japan Ecological Workshop

To promote a more casual form of discussion and to encourage sharing of ideas, the workshop include two poster sessions in the program: 11:00-14:00 Nov. 16 and 11:00-13:30 Nov. 17. All posters presented by authors at the workshop will automatically enter the competition. Result of the competition will be announced in the last discussion session on Nov. 17. To help preparation of posters, we provide the following guideline:

1. Abstract of posters must be submitted by Oct. 31.

2. Submission of abstract should be done by email to Takefumi Nakazawa <>. Each submission should include

- Title

- Authors (for corresponding presenter, put * and 漢字 name (for Taiwanese and Japanese))

- Email address

- Abstract (longer is ok but should not be too long)

- If you want to change the group category in poster presentation, please inform Takefumi Nakazawa.

Please prepare abstract using the Abstract Template (Download here).

3. Maximum poster size is A0 (84.1×118.9 cm).

4. Poster layout should be portrait.

5. Each poster must be posted to the board 1 hour prior to the session and could be retrieved by 18:00 pm on the day.