• Theme of the 4th Taiwan-Japan Ecology Workshop

Latitudinal variation of ecosystem responses to environmental changes: ecosystem comparative studies

  • Motivation of the theme

One advantage to have Taiwan-Japan Ecology Workshop is that Taiwan and Japan locates at the same region (East Asia) but with very different latitudes (different climatic zones). We may anticipate that ecosystems at different latitudes likely respond to environmental changes in very different ways. We wish to take this advantage to facilitate cross-system comparative studies. We’d like to seek participants working on similar issues but from different latitudes (e.g. Taiwan vs. Japan) join us in this workshop. The studied systems can range from terrestrial, to freshwater, and to marine environments. Theoretical, experimental, and observational studies are all welcome. Studies across altitudinal variation are also appreciated. In this workshop, “Environmental changes” are broadly defined, including natural and anthropogenic forcings. A special issue in journal publication is expected to come out of this workshop.