• Call for participants and list of workshop topics

Seven research topics for comparative studies and confirmed participants for the workshop are listed below. We would like to invite more scientists who are: (1) interested in any of these seven topics to join the corresponding research group, and (2) interested in possible collaboration in other research topics in the future to give a poster presentation.

1. Latitudinal comparison of evergreen broadleaf forests

Yi-Ching Lin (Tunghai University) and Kaoru Kitajima (Kyoto University)

2. Flowering phenology under climate change

Yu-Yun Chen (National Dong Hwa University) and Akiko Satake (Hokkaido University)

3. Forest ecosystem dynamics in temperate and tropical regions

I-Fang Sun (National Dong Hwa University), Takashi Kohyama (Hokkaido University), Tsutomu Hiura (Hokkaido University)

4. Latitudinal comparison of warming experiment on plant diversity function and plant-insect interactions

Chuan-Kai Ho (National Taiwan University), I-Ching Chen (National Cheng-Kong University), Masahiro Nakamura (Hokkaido University), Shunsuke Utsumi (Hokkaido University)

5. Latitudinal comparison of coastal ecosystem dynamics

Hsing-Juh Lin (National Chung-Hsing University), Massa Nakaoka  (Hokkaido University), Benny Chan (Academia Sinica), Yoko Nozawa (Academia Sinica), and Chang-Feng Dai (National Taiwan University)

6. Latitudinal comparison of plankton community dynamics

Chih-hao Hsieh (National Taiwan University), Atsushi Yamaguchi (Hokkaido University), Sanae Chiba (JAMSTEC), and Carmen Garcia-Comas (JAMSTEC)

7. Theoretical framework for predicting community responses to environmental changes

Takeshi Miki (National Taiwan University), Takefumi Nakazawa (National Cheng-Kong University), Michio Kondoh (Ryukoku University), Kei Tokita (Nagoya University), and Atsushi Yamauchi (Kyoto University)