Nov 15th (Saturday)

08:30-09:00     Registration

09:00-09:10     Opening Remark- I Fang Sun

09:10-10:00     Plenary Talk- Anne Chao: Rarefaction and extrapolation of phylogenetic diversity

10:00-10:30     Break

10:30-12:00     Section 5: Latitudinal comparison of plankton community dynamics

10min- Chih-hao Hsieh: introduction
25min- Carmen Garcia-Comas: Latitudinal gradient of copepod diversity in the northwest Pacific ocean and the dynamic relationship of functional diversity with species diversity
25min- Kohei Matsuno: Size structure of zooplankton in the Northern Pacific ocean
25min- Chih-hao Hsieh: Size diversity and its consequence on marine ecosystem functioning

12:00-14:00     Lunch break and Discussion

14:00-18:00     Section 2: Forest dynamics and functional traits in evergreen broadleaf forests

15 min- Takashi Kohyama: Introduction
20 min- I-Fang Sun: Plot network and trait initiatives in Taiwan
20 min- Hiroko Kurokawa and Masahiro Aiba: Functional trait database across temperate and tropical sites
20 min- Toshihiro Yamada: Malaysian tree population dynamics in relation to abiotic habitat conditions
20 min- Masae I. Ishihara and Satoshi N. Suzuki: Inter- and intra-specific variation in demographic rates along temperature gradient
15 min Break
20 min- Jyh-Min Chiang: Tree functional composition influences ecosystem functioning through mass-ratio effects in a broadleaved subtropical forest
20 min- Yi-ching Lin: Linking seedling persistence with functional traits in a tropical seasonal forest
20 min- Sabrina Russo: A mechanistic dynamic energy budget model for predicting species distributions of tropical trees
40 min- Discussion

 Nov 16th (Sunday)

09:00-10:30     Section 3: Latitudinal comparison of warming experiment on plant diversity function and plant-insect interactions

12 min – Shunsuke Utsumi: Genetic effects of dams on riparian tree populations: a perspective for impacts of fragmentation and climate change on plant-insect interactions
12 min – I-Ching Chen: Tropical butterflies have moved poleward
12 min – Chin-Cheng Yang: Invasive ants at mid-high elevation: thermal adaptation, anthropogenic influence or climate change?
12 min – Masahiro Nakamura: Response of mature trees to experimental warming in northern forests
12 min – Chuan-Kai Ho: How may climate warming affect a native butterfly (Pieris canidia), an invasive butterfly (P. rapae), and their competition on a common host plant (Rorippa indica)?
30 min- Discussion

10:30-11:00     Break

11:00-14:00     Poster section and lunch discussion

14:00-15:30     Section 4: Latitudinal comparison of coastal ecosystem dynamics

15 min- Massa Nakaoka: Latitudinal gradient of species diversity in seagrass community from SE Asia to Japan
15 min- Hsing-Juh Lin: An assessment of herbivory in multi-species, tropical seagrass beds
15 min- Keiichi Fukaya: Latitudinal variation in the population dynamics of intertidal barnacles: patterns and processes of population fluctuation
15 min- Benny K.K. Chan: A physical and ecological approach to detect and predict responses of intertidal organisms towards global climatic changes in the NW Pacific
15 min- Yoko Nozawa: Latitudinal patterns of growth and mortality in juvenile corals; the temperature influence
15 min- Allen Chen: When coral community diversity does not collaborate with species diversity along the latitude gradient: the role local disturbances

15:30-16:00     Break

16:30-18:00     Section 1: Flowering phenology under climate change

10 min- Yu-Yun Chen: Flowering phenology in tropics
15 min- Akiko Satake: Comparison of flowering phenology between tropics and temperate forests
20 min- Han Qinqmin: Resource dynamics and flowering phenology in temperate forests
20 min- Gaku Kudo: Flowering phenology and its consequence at community levels; comparison between Japan and New Zealand alpine areas
15 min- Chia-Hao Chang-Yang: The effects of ENSO and spring frost on flower production in a subtropical rain forest
10 min: Discussion

 Nov 17th (Monday)

09:00-10:30     Section 6: Theoretical framework for predicting community responses to environmental changes

10 min- General introduction
20 min- Takefumi Nakazawa:  A perspective on match/mismatch of phenology in community contexts
20 min- Masato Yamamichi: Feedbacks between ecology and evolution in predator-prey systems
20 min- Hsuan-Wien Chen: A simple model for extinction cascade
20 min- Michio Kondoh: Community network complexity and inherent uncertainty of community response to perturbation

10:30-11:00     Break

11:00-13:30     Poster section and lunch discussion

13:30-16:00     Group discussion for research plan

16:00-16:30     Break

16:30-18:00     Presentation and discussion for research plan (~10 min for each group)

18:00-              Poster Award and Concluding Remark- Atsushi Yamauchi

Nov 18-19th (Tuesday-Wednesday)

After conference trip to Fushan experimental forest